Autism, Not Socializing, and Killers

socializing-violence-colorado-shootingYet another killer in the USA, now killing people at the Planned Parenthood clinic.  Evidently, he was

The shooter was taken alive, and TV news interviewed his neighbors.  They described him as “not real sociable” and “didn’t socialize or even make eye contact.”  Another killer was described as, “He was pretty shy and closed off at school.  He wouldn’t go up and interact with people.”  Other killers have been described this way also, as if not being social is a pathology that leads to violence.

Since so many killers have been described this way, does that mean I make my neighbors nervous?  Will they worry when I am in the backyard shooting my BB gun?

The big question:  Will people with autism be viewed as possibly dangerous?  Mentally ill people, so often committing major crimes, such as murder, make people nervous, yet by far, most people with mental illnesses are not dangerous.

Here is a fantastic article on this topic.

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