New Book: The Weighted Blanket Guide


Yours truly wrote a book!

With OT, Cara Koscinski, I wrote a book on weighted blankets.  I used to have a weighted blanket company, so I am sharing all that I have learned.  It’s full of information from what conditions they help with, how to choose one, how neurology comes into play, and much more.

It’s available now for pre-sale on Amazon.

If you are not familiar with weighted blankets, they are a staple in the autism community for helping with sensory processing disorder (SPD) symptoms along with the stressors that occur in people with autism while trying to navigate a world that doesn’t make sense.

I discovered weighted blankets while I was getting sensory integration therapy at an occupational therapy (OT) clinic.  My OT put one on me and I felt like my muscles were melting into the floor.  I use it now for when I feel anxious and when I have trouble sleeping, though I use it almost every night.  I have a 34-pound queen size on my bed and a 15-pound weighted throw on my couch.

And yes, I highly recommend one, and I cover how to choose one in the book, which is important because a weighted blanket usually starts at $100 or more.  In the book, I also wrote about how you could possibly get one covered by medical insurance, especially for people on Medicaid.

Get your copy reserved.


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