Autism and Visual Clutter

I notice and read and analyze everything I see in the house even if I have passed them by 100 times.  I am so visual.  With the clutter, I feel myself getting on edge and getting confused and sitting or wandering a lot while feeling unsure of what to do.

This weekend, I tackled the visual field in my woman cave because the clearer my field of vision, the clearer my mind.  My art supplies on shelves and all over the work bench got categorized and put into plastic totes and placed underneath the work bench.  I took a top sheet that is still in excellent condition and stapled it around the work bench edge so I couldn’t see all the objects underneath.

My big desk was the next major visual killer to deal with.  Every shelf and cranny lining the room was filled with non-immediate office supplies.  I took them all–the labels, extra staples, specialty paper, etc–upstairs to, of all places, the office supply closet in hubby’s office.  I closed the closet doors.  There, gone from my mind.

Then I started paper sorting from advertising opportunities for my business to the voluminous amount of notes I write everyday so I don’t forget things.  I had the garbage can and paper shredder on one side of me and my near-empty filing cabinet on the other side.

This took two days.  Now I have a clearer head, better organization, and a feeling of satisfaction from a job well-done.

You wouldn’t believe how many blog post ideas I found.

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