Join in Autism Community Conversations with Eileen Parker–that’s me.


I had an idea.

Parents ask me questions, which I don’t mind at all. Some call out of the blue and others during conversations while they have questions about choosing a weighted blanket. Some of them spark new blog posts, and the rest live with me.

So, I decided to start regular conference calls named Autism Community Conversations.

If you do take part, keep in mind that I do not have all the answers for your child. I know my inner experience and how I have dealt with the world around me, the good and the bad. How I have learned and developed over the years is important, I think, since all people grow and change over the years, so autistic people are no exception.

Mandi, my Community Outreach Coordinator, is the super social person at my company. A job where she is talking with people by phone and email all day is her idea of great fun. In the box below, you can sign up to receive notices of upcoming calls and summaries of what the group of us have discovered. (I see a lot of blog writing in my future.)

Mandi can answer questions about the conference calls or take questions in advance at 612-644-9352 or at

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