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Newly Diagnosed with Autism

August 7, 2015

Has your child been newly diagnosed with autism? After a diagnosis of a developmental disorder, your mind must be whirling.  I was diagnosed as an adult, and that is how my mind went. I read and read about it.  I joined every group I could find online.  I talked with my family incessantly.  It was […]

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Autistic Christmas and Other Holidays

December 20, 2014

  Note:  We do Christmas at our house, so I am focusing on what I know, not other holidays at this time of year. Search the internet for five seconds and you will find plenty of posts about how difficult Christmas is for the autistic child and the parents.  People visiting, different food, Christmas songs […]

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No Eye Contact Needed on Facebook

September 28, 2014

 Eye Contact & Autism   How do I socialize?  The easy way is to ignore it, and go on lonely and not knowing why.  I wanted human contact in short doses, usually with my neighbors, so I could feel like I belonged, but their social skills easily surpassed my own with seemingly no effort.  I […]

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To the Mothers of Autistic Children–Happy Mother’s Day!

May 13, 2012

I can credit my mother for so much of who I am today.  Many of us can say that, but my mom is the mother of an autistic person at a time when there were no diagnoses for autism other than Kanner’s autism, and there were no treatments.  Mum treated me by being her and […]

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