Autism No More Strawberries!


Strawberry-AutismYesterday, I announced to hubby that I don’t like strawberries anymore, no more, won’t touch them, can’t make me.  He asked because before he went out of town, he had taken out some frozen strawberries and put them in the fridge for me, and there they sat untouched.

He knows that I will suddenly change a preference, so he smiled at me.

The extreme likes or dislikes are typical of autism, and in my case, they change.  It happened with blue pens one day.  I wrote in blue, put the pen down, and grabbed a black one.  I announced to hubby that I don’t like blue pens anymore, no more, won’t touch them, can’t make me.  I bought new black refills for my favorite pens to replace the blue ones.

When it’s a dislike, it’s extreme.  I feel repulsed by the strawberries or the blue pen.

When I am out and about in the world (eeew.), I can encounter things that repulse me, and I can sometimes seem “rude” in my need to get away now as in, right now.  I can relate to a child who wants to leave but can’t because they have to be in a store or getting a hair cut, that sort of thing.

I’m sure that I’ll like strawberries again.  I have loved them my whole life, especially wild strawberries that are so concentrated with flavor.

In the meantime, pretty much all I have been eating is pumpkin quiche, morning, noon, and night.  For supper though, hubby makes a hot meal, and tells me that it’s good to eat something different.  He’s right, but I want my quiche.

Then there’s the problem of my guts.  I have had digestive issues all of my life, and I have to eat healthy or I feel horrid.  Now, since I had half of my colon removed this summer, I have to eat even healthier.  Healthier also means a variety of foods.  Does that mean I can live on pumpkin quiche then I switch to another favorite food?

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