Autism Savant or Talented in One Area

Don't interrupt my hyper-focus

Am I an autistic savant?  No, but I am hyper-focused in two areas, which has made me better in both arts.  I love website programming, and I love writing.  (I am working on a couple of books.)

My hyper focus relaxes me and makes me talented in one area and deficient in others.  But, that is not entirely true.  I am unusually deficient in math, but not from lack of focus.  I have tried in math college classes, but to no avail.  When I have math to deal with, such as in my business, I ask hubby who, is extremely good at math (He’s a programmer.).  Being proficient at math is not only the numbers; it is a way of thinking that affects all sorts of things such as logic and problem-solving.

So, I write.  I must admit, I don’t spend time editing this blog.  It just flows out, and I publish.

It’s divine to write without interruption.  I am in my element, I am happy, and I am relaxed.  It can go too far for the people around me though.  I can work from sun to sun and after, still immersed in what I am working on.  That hyper focus excludes other humans who are in the here and now, not characters in a book.

It was that way growing up.  I was into learning musical instruments, which I was not particularly good at.  I liked cross-pollinating sweet williams to make different color variations, which didn’t turn out.  I had all sorts of ideas.  Finally, I landed on writing.

Is it nature or nurture or both?  I say both.

I read.  I listened to short stories on CBC radio, so I was listening to the greats in Canadian literature long before I understood all the content that adults could.  I devoured the library.  I read the entire set of Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedias Mum had bought for us.  I think I gravitated to reading, listening, and learning about writing long before I took up a pen.

So, I feed the nature and experience the joy of immersing in it.

Here is the story that prompted this article.


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