Autism Hyper Focus

Go The 2014 Olympic Autism Team!

The intense determination and discipline required for an Olympian is all so common in the autism world.  Intense is relaxing, beautiful, and soft.  It’s like reveling in the sweetness in the flower-scented avenues of our brains.

With Olympians, we see and hear about discipline and all the sweat and tears that are their lives.  If you’re autistic and hyper-focusing, determination isn’t necessary because for us, it’s our love; we don’t want to stop, we don’t want to go to bed quite yet, we don’t want to answer the phone, and we don’t want to talk.

Heck, Olympians are lauded for their intense focus and all accommodations are made for their training.  So, while we are focusing, can we receive accommodations for our endeavor?  Of course you will.

I have read here and there that autism is an evolutionary leap forward.  When it comes to focus, sure.  It’s a gold medal for us every day–one that isn’t on NBC Olympic coverage.

But “accommodations” and “need” is an attitude or a reality that I don’t care for because I don’t want to feel like I’m not good enough, that I need help because I’m not okay the way I am.  On the other hand, I don’t want to be painted in the stereotype of an “autistic prodigy.”  That feels condescending.

I’m okay just as I am–like the every day Olympian in your life.  I hope I can inspire you to find focus in your life, unless you are already an Olympian to be a role model for me.

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