Freaking out at the Uptown Art Fair & I can’t Wait!

Uptown Art Fair

Hubby said, “You’re getting nervous just thinking about it aren’t you?  That was a bad experience last time.”

I said, “You don’t have to go.  I can go myself.”

He shook his head and said, “Nooo nooo nooo, if you flip out and have to drive home or get lost or whatever, you’d really be  in a world of hurt.”

I wonder if….

it’s because of a study done that shows that people with autism see movement twice as fast as others.  The article says, “Although previous studies have found that people with autism possess enhanced visual abilities with still images, this is the first research to discover a heightened awareness of motion.”

Amen to that, Jesus!

They could have not spent all those research dollars and just asked me.  I’d have charged five bucks.

Movement around me, not me moving, but everyone else makes me panic.  I start flapping my hands, and I find the first possible place to escape.  The last time at the Uptown Art Fair, I sat on the curb in an alley with my head pointed down the alley away from the mulling, ergonomically correct sandaled feet on Hennepin Ave.  And I rocked.

I say “I can’t wait” for the fair because I love art!  Hubby is taking me and we will go as early in the morning as possible when the artists are setting up.  Less movement, less noise, and cooler air.

Yes, the air.  With how I freak out about movement, then add in temperature, sound, and occasionally someone bumping into me, and it’s a recipe for the fight or flight response.

If I were a kid I would probably scream, hold my head, and possibly strike out.  I know I would sweat.  I know I would get very angry at being pulled through the morass, without the relief of tears.  I would just close my eyes and get pulled along.  I would be thinking, “Soon, soon, soon we can get in the car.”

At the fair, if you see an auburn, curly-haired, middle-aged woman banging her head against the wall, that’s me.  🙂

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