Autism and Craving Time Alone

The song says, “All by myyyself, dont’ wanna be all by myyyself.”

For me, the lyrics would read, “All by myself, so glad to be all by myself.”

I like these song titles too:

  • Alone At Last – 1960 – Jackie Wilson
  • Solitary Man – 1966 – Neil Diamond
  • Alone Again (alone again, naturally) – 1972 – Gilbert O’Sullivan
  • Leave Me Alone – 1989 – Michael Jackson

I have a hubby, and between us we have four kids, and I have a lot of people at work.  So, sometimes I think “Never Gonna Be Alone” – 2009 – Nickelback.  Grrrrr.

What surprises me is how I miss hubby so much when he travels for work, and I soak up the quiet and revel in my non-interrupted thoughts.  Missing him and having my time alone coexist.

I imagine for non-autistic (neurotypical) people, being lonely and being alone are close to being two parts of the same thing.  I derive this theory from the plaintive songs about being alone, mind you, they often deal with the loneliness from missing a departed lover.

I don’t know for sure, but I imagine that this is where the puzzle logo to represent autism awareness comes from.  I have to guess at what neurotypical people think–what’s normal for them.  All I know is that so often what is normal for me, is puzzling to them.

So there you have it, I’m normal and so are you.

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  1. It would be awesome to win the blue and brown polka dot child size weighted blanket.Thanks for the chance!

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