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2 Comments on Temple Grandin’s Speech at the TED Conference

  1. I’m still at the stage of discovering things about myself that I didn’t know weren’t shared by the NT population, such as the ‘google pictures’, and focusing on the small S’s that made up the letter H. This also helped me understand why we’re good with animals; obvious now, but the whole lack of verbal communication thing hadn’t occurred to me.

    So I enjoyed this very much – but who is the plonker asking questions at the end?

    I mean, if a NT gave a talk about their career and mentoring children, would someone get up on stage and ask ‘what would you say to the parents of a NT child who takes drugs and is rude to them?’.

    Just more of this typical ‘Autistics are people with no emotions’ crap. I can’t believe TED left this bit in at the end – it’s unbelievably insulting.

  2. What she says about education is brilliant. Well, she’s brilliant, period. So smart and special. Her insights based on experience are priceless.

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