SPD and Aural Stimuli–a Heighted Stress Response?

Could my flight response to aural stimuli be exaggerated by my sensory processing disorder (SPD)?

The question was prompted by a tidbit I ready in Psychology Today:  “…aural assault raises our heart rate and kicks off a flight response.”  The assault needn’t be only speed metal music; it can be the everyday noises of life:

  • the slam of the screen door to the garage
  • the whine of a power tool
  • the slight squeak of the overhead fan in the sun room
  • or the worst, squeaky brakes of all the trucks on garbage today…woe is Monday.

I have a place to go to take flight:  my woman cave.

Caves are quiet with soft light emanating from the entrance.  My woman cave is in the basement underneath the bedrooms, so it is away from the majority of the houses noises.  I have heavy curtains on the windows to block out light and sound.  In my desk area, I have one soft light.  There, I feel my shoulders starting to relax and my mind clearing.

My chair is quiet.  I have greased the squeaks on desk drawers.  And, I am surrounded by my children’s art and mine.

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